​MODERN ENGLISH has been teaching English by Native Speakers in Figueres since 1989. The methods used then are no less effective today. All communication in the school is in English. Task-based activities are used to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Anyone who would like confirmation of their skills can take part in a Cambridge Certificate Examination at an appropriate level but this is not essential.

MODERN ENGLISH also offers flexibility. Classes are held in the morning as well as the evening, so the students who were not able to attend a session, always have an alternative class to attend. The group classes usually don't have more than 4 students.

MODERN ENGLISH offers help of any kind in English, from preparing for an interview or a presentation in English to International Courses.

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Looking to improve your English skills? We can help.


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Our programmes focus on communication: broadening students’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in English.


The Teaching is done by Native Speakers.